Luxembourg Bank Accounts





One of the most “unique” and utterly prestigious banking “solutions” today is the Luxembourg Corporate (or Personal) Bank Account!

Luxembourg offers many advantages for all those seeking a reliable Bank Account based within an established European banking center with long tradition of offering corporate/banking services to an international clientele.

Available are personal Bank Accounts as well as corporate ones with a number of the most prestigious banking instituions in the country.

The requirements are the following:

– Certified/Apostilled copies of the corporate package (Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; Good Standing Certificate)

– Certified/Apostilled copy of the passport of the applicant/beneficiary

– Utility bill or banking statement (original) in order to verify the residential address of the applicant/beneficiary

– Our fees Euro Nine Hundred Fifty (950.00) only!

We can provide this Account within two (2) weeks after receiving all above (complete with e-banking, ATM Debit/Credit Card etc).

Luxembourg Bank Accounts
As described
950.00 EUR