If you dream to own banking business and have not much money to invest then this offer is for you. Don’t miss out this special opportunity!

We offer full package which will allow to instantly start your business so that you can start to open accounts for your clients same day you buy it. Within one hour we will open IBAN account for you to see how it works. Proof of funds, NDA, LOI and 500 Euro deposit (will be placed at your account with us and written off after negotiations) are required.

Price is very low just 520,000 Euro. It’s a real good deal for a serious person who wishes to enter banking world and needs a turn-key solution.

Main package (for 520,000 Euro):
Company which is registered in 2018 in the Czech Republic. One person is director and shareholder, declared unpaid share capital 25,000 Euro. Change will take one month at most. Office in Prague and can be relocated, no employees. Company has no debts and liabilities, no clients, no managed or own funds, nil turnover and nil operations, nil profits and loss. Operating cost around 1,000 Euro per month.

It is a Small Payment Institution License (SPI) wit 36,000,000 Euro limit per year obtained in 2019 (easily can be upgraded to unlimited Authorized Payment Institution while you start business already).

Activities: IBAN accounts opening, receive and make payments, issue cards.

Installed, published and acknowledged highest level SWIFT code (as for banks), which usually takes one year to obtain.

Local banking code which will be published at Central Bank’s website.

Permission to generate unique IBAN accounts for each client.

Internet banking with client interface and back-office, full support and quarterly upgrade.

Corporate website with unique design, your design can be installed.

Bank account in European bank.

Co-branded debit cards issuance service is connected through British provider.

FATCA and Patriot Act registration.

Training is provided, can help with personel and infrastructure.

Additionall package as per request:
– Correspondent accounts in EURO, USD, GBP and RUR: price from 200,000 Euro, time one week, deposit may be required.

– Obtaining direct SEPA registration with EPC and Central Bank and interface connection: price from 200,000 Euro, time from 3 months.

– Mastercard membership for card issuance: from 200,000 Euro, around 1 month.

– Mastercard membership for card ccquiring: from 150,000 Euro, around 1 month.

– Creation of processing department with PCI DSS, processing software and gateway with an acquirer.

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