Decentralized Crypto exchange based in London available for sale.

– Over one year in business
– Homepage (will be redesigned for new ownership group)
– SSL + all Wallet
– Bitcoin + Ethereum + All ERC20
– Dash + LTC + Ripple + BCH
– Listing All Coin Support
– BitGo cold wallet integration
– API setup with documentation
– Full Open Source
– Guideline for running
– Setup Homepage and price market cap
– File Zip + Support install
– Support Email/Live Chat 24/7

It also has the digital currency which is the official asset of the exchange. “350,000,000 coins” which are all available with the code.

Since it is an exchange with over one year of operation, it can easily get into the coin market cap and gain over a million surplus as it can benefit from BTC flow that the coin market cap provides.

Finally, the cryptocurrency with the exchange is one of the fastest blockchains on the planet as it executes and validates transactions in less than 2 minutes.

The total price we ask for the package is open to negotiation as are the terms.

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