UK registered FCA authorized and regulated Payment Institution (PSD appointed representative) for sale. The business has no limits on money transfers globally and is fully regulated in accordance with the European Payment Service Directive.

The Company is current with all filings, it has all licenses and other requirements in place and is delivered listed on the FCA website with its own license registration number.

– Access to multiple banking partners in the UK and the EU;
– Multiple payments and FX software (client platform);
– Segregated GBP, USD & EUR accounts;
– Client IBAN account issuing service;
– FX liquidity in all major currencies at wholesale rate;
– Receiving accounts and onward payments;
– Debit card payments;
– Direct debit collections;
– Branded card program (subject to set up costs);
– Cash collection solutions;

The business can trade globally, offering money transfer, foreign exchange, prepaid card (subject to set up cost) and IBAN account services to private individuals and businesses.

The firm’s approved persons are, subject to negotiation, prepared to fulfill the firm’s control functions for a period of time in order to facilitate a smooth handover of the firm to a new owner. The Company’s FCA authorization is granted by a UK Institution.

Full FCA operational and compliance manuals are included. All compliance and FCA reporting & filing is included via the license issuing institution. The operational cost for the Company including compliance, offices and FCA audits is approximately £3,500 per month. The Company is registered in London but can be operated from any UK location. It is an FCA requirement the Company has physical offices.

A great low-cost option and the perfect solution for a startup payment firm who lacks the FCA track record.

Price 50,000 EUR only. Please note this is a fully regulated unlimited money transfer and FX business (API PSD Agent).

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