Excellent option to immediately start you own para-banking business! You can open for your clients very sought-after Hong Kong accounts without visit and long-lasting compliance! For each account you’ll get from US$7,000 and up, you will have a long queue of customers willing to pay thousands and thousands!

All is active and working and can be instantly provided!

We are selling existing Hongkong company (registered in 2017) with Money Service Operator License issued by HKCED. License allows money remittance and money exchange and online account opening.

SWIFT BIC code is active and published in SWIFT directory! Getting such code, its activation and publushing (so other banks can see it to complete incoming payment orders from client of your client) is most difficult thing and usually takes 1-2 years.

Corresponding bank accounts opened in Europe (not European Union though) in USD, GBP, EURO, RUR. This is another tough task needed to be completed for financial institutions and which takes at least a year.

Also now we hooked up with Mastercard card issuer to issue own prepaid cards.

Website and banking software included. We can make a new design at Buyer’s choice.

Hong Kong is best jurisdiction for such business: many customers are looking for local account but local banks don’t open account for foreigners + tax rate is zero + no local director is required + NO SHARE CAPITAL IS NEEDED.

Best offer ever made, it’s not easy to find a package consisting of license + SWIFT Code + corresponding account + online banking system. Usually it takes at least a year to complete license, SWIFT and corresponding account, in this case you can start own banking business in a few weeks. Dont’ miss out!

Transfer of ownership will take around 1-2 months as new owner must be validated with Regulator and visit to Hongkong is required. The company is being owned by sole shareholder and administered by sole director, so transfer should be easily facilitated.

Price 1,300,000 Euro.

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