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Swiss Bank Accounts - Anonymous Debit Cards

Our firm is extremely proud to announce its co-operation with a well established Swiss Bank, being in a position to offer to our numerous clients through multi-currency bank accounts full access to all banking operations using either a private bank account or a commercial (corporate) bank account. The corporate Bank Accounts may be opened in the name of foreign corporations (either onshore or offshore ones) for trading purposes, something that is extremely rare and very useful to all those wishing to get involved in trading activities worldwide (since most Swiss Banks do not open trading bank account but only wealth management ones).

Even "offshore" bodies corporate (offshore companies, offshore trusts, offshore foundations) are acceptable to open bank accounts.

As said, available are PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS as well as CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNTS and the requirements are the following:

- Certified copy of the applicant's VALID PASSPORT (either for a PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT or a CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNT)

- Original UTILITY BILL in order to prove RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS of the applicant

- Certified copies of the corporate package (Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; recent Good Standing Certificate; recent Incumbency Certificate) and Power of Attorney (if applicable)

In the above context, for both types of these Swiss Bank Accounts we are also providing the following ancillary services to our clients:

- Low opening balance (US€5,000.00)

- Both Bank Account types (personal/corporate) may be used for "commercial" purposes i.e. receiving payments for the sale of goods & services; paying suppliers etc WITHOUT needing to tie-up any percentage of the monies inside these Accounts for "investment" purposes

- Extremely user-friendly E-BANKING SERVICE for full Internet utilization of the respective Bank Account

- All types of CREDIT CARDS (VISA, VISA "PLATINUM", MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS). These CREDIT CARDS provide you with safety, convenience and an easy way to check your expenses thereby giving you the ability to shop all over the world with a high level of security

- PRE-PAID LIQUID DEBIT CARDS (VISA, MASTERCARD). With these PRE-PAID DEBIT CARDS you can pay without cash; withdraw money from ATM's in Switzerland and abroad; they could be issued in any of the these three currencies (EURO, EURO and CHF)

- One of the most requested services is that of the issuance of SWISSBANKERS Travel Cash Cards, which are Debit Cards available in EUR/USD/CHF that the client can charge up to 10,000.00 EURO per time (with a monthly limit of 30,000.00 EURO and 100,000.00 EURO per year). Up to three (3) such cards per account maximum may be issued. This card doesn't have the name of the client on it, but just a number, in other words it is completely anonymous! It could be used worldwide to pay online, withdraw money from over 1,000.000 ATM's and make payments in various shops and establishments worldwide. They are easy to "reload" directly from the e-banking account, quickly and easily and balance/transactions can be viewed online); a high level of security (in the event of theft or loss, the card is blocked and replaced free of charge with the remaining balance).


- Both Accounts can be opened on an "absentee" basis, without actually visiting the bank, however the client needs to identify himself with the bank's personnel the first time through a "web camera program"

These are some of the available services through either a PERSONAL or CORPORATE Swiss Bank Account as it is being offered by us.

Our fees for setting-up any of these SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS is only 850.00 EUR.

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