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Online Gaming Licenses Jurisdictions: Curacao

Internet gaming became a central industry for the island of Curacao in 2002 when the regulation of online gambling was decentralized from the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Cyberluck Casino holds the longest standing Internet gaming license, which was granted under the old regulatory scheme in 1999. The Governor may award interactive gaming licenses pursuant to the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard.

Applicants must first register with the Curacao Chamber of Commerce as a locally formed legal entity, either onshore or offshore, and must state the island territories from which they wish to operate. Once an application is completed, the Department of Justice will conduct an investigation. If at the end of six weeks the investigation has been completed and yielded no objections then the applicant can receive a provisional license, which will be subject to a number of conditions.

Online gaming operators may also obtain sub-licenses to run Internet gambling operations from Curacao. Host businesses may sub-divide their existing gambling licenses for use by partner companies.

Our extensive knowledge of the Curacao licensing process enables us to to help clients fulfill the application requirements for both a Curacao eGambling License and an Economic Zone (eZone) License. which are both requirements for all incorporated limited liability gambling operators established in Curacao.

With our trusted network of well-established partnerships, our clients can easily fulfill the Curacao eGambling License requirement of hosting their servers locally; we can also arrange for the purchase, setup and co-location of client servers.

Due Diligence
We take the hassle out of the necessary Due Diligence when our clients apply for a Curacao eGambling License and an eZone License; we also help clients maintain these licenses and ensure their eGambling company is compliant with local legislation.

Business Plans & Marketing Strategy
We help our clients develop business plans that support operations and aid further investment; we also define brands and develop marketing strategies to ensure continued success in this highly competitive sector.

Our comprehensive eGambling services include providing clients with international banking facilities as well as applying for merchant accounts and payment processors on their behalf.

Intellectual Property
We protect the brands, designs and technologies of our clients. Our specialist team provides international patent, trademark and design registrations; we work with cliernts to protect their valuable inellectual property rights.

Customer Support

We can assist clients' businesses by setting up customer support services in Curacao on their behalf

Applicable costs

The total cost for setting-up in Curacao should be in the region of US$25,000; we have itemized the respective costs for our prospective customers as below:

- Incorporation Service Fee - US$3,150.00

The Incorporation Service Fee for a Curacao N.V. is inclusive of:

* Articles of Incorporation
* Certificate of Incorporation
* Appointment by the Subscriber of the First Director(s)

- eZone Application Fee - US$2,500.00

- Annual Management Fee - US$4,150.00

The Annual Fee is payable in advance of the date of incorporation and is inclusive of:

* Provision of Resident Corporate Director
* Document Custodial Services
* Management Fee
* Chamber of Commerce Annual Fee

- eGambling License Application & Appointment Fee - US$10,000.00

- Annual License Fee

The Annual License Fee is payable annually directly to Antillephone Services N.V.

- Additional Services - US$8,400.00

* Preparation and filing of Annual Corporate Tax Returns Full - US$1,500.00
* Bookkeeping and Financial Statements Fee - US$2,500.00
* Bank Account Application Fee - US1,900.00
* Merchant Account Application Fee - US$2,500.00

- Disbursements

Local costs that we incur on your behalf including but not limited to telephone charges; facsimile; air freight; courier services; notary services etc will be charged periodically in arrears monthly pr quarterly depending on the outstanding amount.

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