New Zealand Offshore Corporate Bank Accounts & Bank Accounts for Financial Institutions






New Zealand Offshore Corporate Bank Accounts & Bank Accounts for Financial Institutions – When other Banks say “No”!

Service Summary:

  • Banking services: Accounts in USD, EUR, NZD, SGD (more currencies to come)
  • Payments: Inward and outward Wire Transfer services (wide range of currencies/countries)
  • Currency conversion: Converting balances/payments as ordered or on execution of payment transactions
  • Secure, stable internet banking interface to access all services
  • International Business Companies; Limited Liability Companies; Limited Partnerships; Financial Institutions (like New Zealand Financial Service Providers; Swedish Trust Companies; Offshore Banks; Various Trustee & Fiduciary Corporations) are acceptable
  • No personal visit required to open accounts
  • Fast and efficient account opening process (in 72 hours provided all necessary Due Diligence is promptly provided)
  • The provider is based in New Zealand and regulated under New Zealand law
  • No New Zealand taxes applicable on customer deposits, inheritances/estates, foreign source income or banking transactions

Service Pricing:

  • For Companies, trusts, etc the opening fee is 500.00 EUR
  • For Financial Institutions (any kind) the opening fee is 2,500.00 EUR
  • Monthly fee US$50.00 – charged to the main USD account, any other accounts for the same customer do not incur monthly fees
  • Outgoing Wire Transfers – 0.4% (min US$40.00, max US$90.00)
  • Inward Wire Transfers – US$20.00
  • Higher monthly fees apply to Financial Institutions, however these customers qualify for lower prices on Wire Transfers

When the customer is a Financial Institution:

Getting Bank Accounts open for a Financial Institution can be very difficult for a range of commercial and compliance reasons. Many Banks do not have the resources or expertise to assess such applications and/or have policies that restrict services to financial services businesses. Such policies may restrict new Financial Institutions and/or such restrictions can also be applied unevenly, creating a lot of delays and frustrations for new financial services businesses.

Our provider has the resources and expertise to assess these applicants. The assessment process covers:

  • Reviewing the Financial Institution’s business model to ensure it is acceptable
  • Confirming that the Financial Institution is properly licensed, authorized and/or regulated for its activities, in an acceptable jurisdiction
  • The adequacy of the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism policies, systems and controls of the Financial Institution
  • Reviewing the business background of the individuals involved

As this process is more involved, the set-up and monthly fees for these customers are higher, and the time-frame required is longer.

Companies etc

1 X 500.00 EUR – Companies etc
Base Price: 500.00 EUR
Financial Institutions
1 X 2,500.00 EUR – Financial Institutions
Base Price: 2500.00 EUR