The Republic of Liberia, located on the west coast of Africa, has  provided corporate registry services internationally since 1948.  As one of the oldest corporate jurisdictions, the Liberian Registry has global presence in the offshore service industry.

LISCR, the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, administers the Liberian Corporate  Registry, pursuant to an act of law of the Liberian legislature. The Registry provides, through The LISCR Trust Company, an exclusive registered agent service for all non-resident Liberian entities. With an  established legal system, dedicated to innovation and continuous commitment to quality service, the  Liberian Corporate Registry has earned world-wide recognition by key industry professionals.

The Liberian Associations Law, generally modeled on the corporate law of the U.S. State of Delaware,  allows for the formation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Private Foundations and  Limited Partnerships. Liberian entities are simple to form and administer, cost efficient and highly  confidential. Despite the rapidly changing regulatory environment of the offshore corporate sector,Liberia is committed to providing flexibility, confidentiality and security.


Commercially tested legal system
Accepted by all private and commercial financial institutions
24/7 prompt customer support through a world-wide network of full-service offices
eCorp© – the world’s premier electronic corporate registry
Same day incorporation and document issuance – free apostilles and acknowledgements
Committed to protecting confidentiality
No annual reports or audits
Statutorily exempt from Liberian income and withholding taxes
Exclusive registered agent
Dual language filings