Offshore Panama Corporations





International investors, financiers and businessmen find Panama an ideal foreign base country for worldwide operations and transactions. We are international corporate consultants and fiduciaries that provide the continuous, professional incorporation and administration of offshore corporate and individual business affairs on behalf of clients worldwide. We specialize in the incorporation, creation and maintenance of offshore corporations, trusts and foundations that operate under the very favorable fiscal and tax laws of the Republic of Panama.

Our personnel and associates are multi-lingual, experienced professionals of undoubted discretion, technical expertise, and business acumen. Our services and facilities are designed to achieve the client’s objectives in the shortest time frame at very reasonable costs. Personal attention, customized long-term relationships and the tailoring of each structure to the client’s specific needs is our special concern.

Each new Panamanian offshore company comes complete with articles of incorporation, nominee directors, resident agent, registered office, English translation and a Notarized Power of Attorney with Apostille. The Notarized Power of Attorney comes blank and you are entitled to fill it up with ANY NAME you want – who would in turn actually operate the company, i.e. open and operate bank A/Cs and generally speaking bind the corporation in all respects and matters.

New Panamanian companies generally take from 5 to 8 business days to establish. The package includes the first year’s maintenance fees.

Panama Corporations – Non Resident IBC
Base Price 1100.00 EUR


Panama Corporations – Non Resident IBC — 1100.00

Bank Account – ADD €600.00

Courier Fees – ADD €60.00