We have for sale a UK registered FCA authorised and fully regulated Payment Institution (money transmitting business). The company is fully EU authorised and can (currently) be passported to all 27 EU / EFTA member states.

The Company was set up in 2016 but has not traded previously. It is current with all filings and has all licenses and other requirements in place and will be listed on the FCA website when it start trading. It has segregated banking services (subject to approval of new owners), and can start trade after 3-4 weeks after approval of a buyer.

The Company also have the possibility to issue plastic and virtual Visa and MasterCard prepaid debit cards under its own brand throughout the EU (subject to set up costs).

The business is set up and ready to trade worldwide, offering payment, transfer and foreign exchange services to private individuals and businesses.

Price £47,500 only (please note this is NOT a small firm but a fully regulated unlimited PSP business). In addition, a buyer will NOT have to deposit any regulatory funds as that is already included in the authorisation. The operational cost for the Company Including compliance officer and FCA audits are £60,000 p.a. (payable over 12 months). In addition, there are office and admin operational costs (London secure office rent approximately £1,500 per month). It can however be operated from any UK location.

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