Belize FX Company


We can assist you in establishing and running an International FOREX Company in Belize.

In order to incorporate an International Business Company (IBC) to obtain a Forex Trading License in Belize, kindly provide the proposed name of the company to check for availability (an IBC application will be forwarded to you). The following documents will be required on each beneficial owner, director, shareholder and officer of the company:

(a) Notarized Copy of Passport

(b) Proof of address (utility bill)

(c) Bank Reference Letter (from bank with whom relevant person has had banking relationship with for at least two years)

(d) Professional Reference Letter from Accountant/Attorney with whom relevant person has had professional relationship with for at least two years

(e) CV

Once these have been provided to us in original and verified accordingly, we will be able to incorporate your company with a standard authorized capital of US$100,000 per the license requirements and restrict bearer shares. (Please see requirements below).  After this has been completed, a bank account must be opened with an International Bank in Belize (to be nominated by us) to hold the minimum paid up and unimpaired capital (corporate account application will be sent)

Our fee for incorporation such a company is US$3,250.00 inclusive of courier with subsequent annual renewal fee being US$2,250.00.

Below are the requirements for applying for a Forex Trading License from the IFSC:

1.) Application must be submitted through an International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) practitioner or attorney-at-law resident in Belize.

2.) The application must be submitted in the prescribed form.

3.) Biographical Affidavit of each proposed director, shareholder and officer must be sworn on oath and submitted. (All degrees and qualifications must accompany the affidavits)

4.)  Five year business plan.

5.)  Copy of share certificate(s) showing all shares in the company have been issued.

6.) A non-refundable application fee of US$800.00 must be paid.

7.) Evidence of the minimum paid up capital must be provided.  In the case of a Forex Trading License, this shall be US$100,000 held in a term deposit with designated Bank which shall remain unimpaired for the duration of the license.

8.) The annual license fee for a Forex Trading License is US$5,500 renewable in January.

Lastly, please be reminded that the IFSC may request additional documents after reviewing the license application.

Our fee for assisting with applying for the license is US$3,700.00.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.