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learn about Honorary Diplomatic Appointments

Everything You Need to Know About Honorary Diplomatic Appointments

Honorary diplomats are not the same as professional diplomats. They are usually unpaid or low-paid diplomats living or working in a foreign country on a temporary or voluntary basis. While honorary diplomats still represent their native countries, they have limited authority to perform official actions on behalf of their countries. Instead, they must abide by […]

meaning of offshore company

Onshore & Offshore Company Meaning

If you want to learn about onshore and offshore company meaning, you have come to the right place! Onshore companies are businesses that primarily sell products or services within the same country as their headquarters. Most small businesses are onshore companies because it is much easier for them to market and sell to local consumers […]

forex license Comoros

Learn About Comoros Forex Licenses

Comoros is a nation of islands off the East African coast. Not only is it a beautiful location to do business, but it is also a convenient location for finance and investment professionals to do business. No income tax is the most significant financial incentive for doing business in Comoros. That is why many entrepreneurs […]

Obtain a Crypto License

How to Easily Obtain a Crypto License

Cryptocurrency trading has become extremely popular over the last five years. But rather than invest in cryptocurrency, why not start your own cryptocurrency exchange? Then, you can profit from the cryptocurrency trades of other investors. First, however, you must obtain a crypto license before creating a cryptocurrency trading platform or mining business. Getting a crypto […]

how to create a us Money Service Business Company

How to Create a U.S. Money Service Business Company

A money service business operates an exchange service that transmits or converts money for customers. It could be a business that sells check cashing services, money order services, foreign currency exchange services, etc. It could also be a business operating a foreign exchange or cryptocurrency exchange. Are you looking to create a money service business […]

how to create a Fiduciary and Trustee Company in Sweden

How to Create a Fiduciary and Trustee Company in Sweden

Are you interested in creating a fiduciary and trustee company in Sweden? If so, you must submit the appropriate documentation to create and register a new “Regulated Trust Management Company” in the Swedish Companies Registration Office. This registration establishes the legal identity of the trust company, which serves as a trustee or fiduciary for another […]