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5 reasons why you should contact GamingLicensing

  1. Having worked in the industry since 2015, we keep a close eye on gambling jurisdictions requirements and always stay informed of any new legal rules. We have the most up-to-date information in the gambling business.
  2. GamingLicensing experts know everything (or almost everything) about gambling licensing in different countries: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, the UK, etc. If you want to come to specific countries’ gambling market, we will deal with it swiftly and professionally.
  3. Your online casino will definitely be a hit. This is because we will provide you with the best gaming solutions of the best developers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and other foremost brands.
  4. We deal with licensing for online casinos, bingo games, poker rooms and lotteries.
  5. GamingLicensing experts are always scrupulous in financial matters, and therefore you get an extremely accurate cost estimation beforehand.


  • Fast

    — get your license in 4 weeks

  • Affordable license cost

    — Curacao license is a cost-effective and the most popular solution in the i-gaming industry.

  • Innovative solutions

    — We license all gaming activities, including blockchain projects

  • 24 / 7 support

    — get a professional technical support on any issue you come across


  • Gaming license

    — Curacao and Maltese gaming licenses

  • Company incorporation

    — company incorporation in Curacao and Malta

  • Bank & processing accounts

    — accounts in reliable European banks

  • Payment solutions

    — all major payment systems including cryptocurrency solutions

  • Hosting

    — gambling-friendly secure ang legal hosting


Get all services for your gaming venture from Gaminglicensing!


We take care about the technical side

— you focus on the business.


  • One License

    Casino, Sports Betting, Poker — one license covers all products!


  • Convenient

    Easy and simple license obtaining process


  • Quick

    Get your license in just 4 weeks!



  • Cost-Efficient

    Low license cost and no gambling tax


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Your casino needs a license but you don’t know where to start?


The procedure is like this:

You write a letter to a Curacao master license holder or to the Malta Gaming Authority. You will then be given a list of required documents. They will tell you about charter capital, business plan and profits tax, overwhelm you with numbers, lists, legal niceties and requirements.

Bear in mind that it will all be in English. So, you hire a translator, a legal advisor and an accountant, and after a few months, if you do it all right, you will finally obtain a long-awaited license.


  • You save money because you do everything on your own


  • You spend a large amount of time
  • There is a big chance of making a mistake. For instance, you may fail to gather all the required documents, and it will cause even more bureaucratic delays
  • You may integrate not all of the payment systems—or integrate ones you do not need
  • There is a probability of breaking the law in countries where online gambling is prohibited
  • There is a risk of cooperating with a dishonest sublicensee and losing your money

Does the only advantage outweigh the numerous disadvantages? For some people, yes. However, if you value your time, want to relieve yourself of the troubles that come with licensing and start a casino business in the shortest time possible, let our specialists take care of the process.


Which license is better: Curacao or Maltese?


Our clients have different demands, plans and financial capacities, and gambling jurisdictions also have different particularities, so there can be no universal answer. We will look into your needs and recommend you the optimal jurisdiction for your business.

Curacao and Malta gambling licenсes specifics



Annual financial reports

Annual and monthly reports

The fee for getting (and renewing) a Curacao license is €21,900 per year + 6% sales tax. The price includes two domains and one validator. The Curacao income tax is just 2% and is not subject to VAT or corporate profit tax.

A fixed annual licenсe fee – €25,000; flexible taxation – 0.40-1.25%

Your company needs to be registered in Curacao and be a member of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce. Company’s managing director needs to be a local resident.

You will have to register as a legal entity in Malta. Chief officers and shareholders may be non-residents.

Registration period: approx. 1.5 months

Registration period: approx. 6 months

By entrusting us with licensing processes, you are guaranteed to have full consulting services of our experts, professional recommendations and, most importantly, a legal business supported by a prestigious licenсe of Curacao or Malta.

We have intimate knowledge of legal niceties related to gambling. Therefore, your online casino will be 100% legal which in turn means it will become attractive to players.


Curacao map with Willemstad


Curacao — iGaming and Betting

The island of Curacao is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea near the coast of Venezuela. On October 10, 2010, the island became a self-governing state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Curacao is a choice of most of Online Casinos and Betting Sites operating within EU, CIS, Scandinavia and Middle East markets.

Curacao License has no classification on gaming products — your licenсe will cover all casino games, sport betting, lotteries and bingo! Curacao is a modern, high-tech jurisdiction fully accepted by international organizations like OECD and FATF — it is not your typical off shore, rogue jurisdiction.

Innovative IT infrastructure, an attractive tax system and political stability makes Curacao one of the most reliable gaming licenсe provider.



Open your Casino or Betting business


One of the main advantages of Curacao Licenсe is an effective application process — it is simple, quick and cost-efficient comparing to other licensing options.


Company Registration and Application for the Gaming Licenсe

The first step you need to take before you apply for your licenсe is a company registration. Gaminglicensing offers authorized fiduciary services and day-to-day administration of the licenсe holding company.



Application for the Curacao Gaming Licenсe

Altogether, from the time you first contact us until you get your company registered and licenсe issued it takes only 4 weeks. Curacao Gaming Licenсe is recognized worldwide and remains one of the most stable and reliable licensing solutions within the industry, and it’s the least expensive of the big 3 licensing options.



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