Global Money Re-Invoicing

This new service for is for sensitive invoice transactions where a neutral and trusted party located in a low profile non-tax-haven jurisdiction needs to be presented for documentation and compliance purposes, particularly with tax laws.

Tax laws include documentation, disclosure, audit and limitation of benefits provisions that can be disadvantageous and expensive to comply with. Certain countries where you might do business with a person or entity based there or remit funds to can expose taxpayers to additional documentation, audit risk or restrictions.

Legitimate planning can limit exposure to these requirements, risks, expenses and taxes. And this is where having a neutral and trusted party located in a low profile non-tax-haven can provide relief.

  • You or your business or investment entity do a transaction with a low-profile non-tax-haven entity that is independent from you, and
  • The low-profile entity in turn carries out a transaction with the other party you wish to pay or do business with, and
  • You have the invoice and other documentation you need to comply with your tax, exchange control etc. laws where you or your entity is based.

This service is available for any legitimate commercial or business need, for example:

  1. A Spanish-registered business is sourcing management or IT services from a tax haven jurisdiction company. The Spanish tax authorities are likely to audit the Spanish business and there is a risk that the expense deduction could be denied under anti-tax haven measures even though it is a perfectly legitimate business expense. Solution: Global Money Re-Invoicing allows the business expense to be invoiced from and paid to a non-tax haven company. As soon as the invoice is paid to the re-invoicing company, it pays the tax-haven company.
  2. Your company does transactions with related parties, but has the advantage of a de minimis exemption that reduces the amount of documentation and justification required. You have additional transactions that would cause the de minimis to be exceeded, and so a solution is needed.
  3. You have 2 companies, one located in a low or zero tax location, and another located in a high tax jurisdiction. You want to have the services or products to be sold to and from neutral parties at arms-length prices and terms.
  4. You need 2 transactions to be done at different times.


The products or services must be lawful and legitimate.

The customer background must be acceptable to the service providers.

The transactions must meet a legitimate business or commercial need.

The transactions must include a small margin for the service cost (generally 5%).


Transaction structures and terms are flexible based on situation and need.

Legitimate commercial entities are available in various low-profile jurisdictions (OECD, non-tax-haven countries). Custom entity set up and names are possible if required.

Low-profile banking in mainstream countries and banks so that your payments will not look unusual or questionable.

Legitimate and good quality documentation is assured.


Please contact Global Money Consultants to discuss your situation and needs.