Why Offshore In Dubai?

Dubai represents a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY in the world today. It has a number of key advantages over other locations which, when combined, provide clients with the most confidential and secure offshore solution available anywhere.

Dubai is a very liberal (alcohol is legally and freely available, for example), oil rich Gulf State which has invested its oil wealth to produce a balanced economy. The oil sector now comprises only 20% of the country’s Gross National Product with the balance being dominated by financial services, tourism, manufacturing and trading activities. It has a state of the art banking sector to service its wealthy indigenous, expatriate and OFFSHORE clientele. Dubai provides BANKING PRIVACY, which is better than Switzerland’s, and a lifestyle which is better than Monte Carlo and it has become a new playground of the rich and famous. Property developments of staggering proportions such as the Palm, two man made islands, which will house 80 hotels and several thousand residential units, have made Dubai THE location for high net worth individuals to live and work and for ALL INDIVIDUALS TO LOCATE THEIR OFFSHORE ASSETS!

Most importantly, there are NO TAXES of any kind on onshore or offshore activities! It is NOT a “tax haven” BUT A COUNTRY WITH NO TAXES!

Dubai DAFZA and JAFZA Offshore Companies key offshore benefits are:

– No taxes of any sort and no tax department
– No filing of accounts
– No taxation information exchange agreements with other countries
– No public record of directors and shareholders
– Highly flexible and confidential banking system geared to the requirements of high net worth international investors
– Strong legislation which protects the confidentiality of investors

In summary, Dubai represents the OFFSHORE SOLUTION for the 21st Century!