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Everything You Need to Know About Honorary Diplomatic Appointments

Honorary diplomats are not the same as professional diplomats. They are usually unpaid or low-paid diplomats living or working in a foreign country on a temporary or voluntary basis. While honorary diplomats still represent their native countries, they have limited authority to perform official actions on behalf of their countries. Instead, they must abide by the guidelines of the professional diplomats who are not honorary.

Honorary Diplomatic AppointmentsThe most common examples of honorary diplomats are celebrities and notable figures, such as successful businesspeople, celebrities, sports athletes, and politicians. A nation’s government may appoint a renowned person from its country to assist with the needs and interests of another country, especially if that country is an ally. That is why most honorary diplomatic appointments take on specific missions rather than permanent positions. However, not all honorary diplomatic appointments are made on an honorary basis. Some honorary diplomatic appointees still must meet specific requirements to qualify for the roles they wish to pursue on behalf of their native countries. If you are interested in learning more about honorary diplomatic appointments you should contact a professional like Global Money Consultants.

Here is a quick breakdown of the primary honorary diplomatic appointments:


An Ambassador-At-Large receives a temporary appointment in a foreign country or territory, unlike an ambassador who gets a permanent appointment. Their job is to work on a specific mission for their native country’s government. The mission could take them to multiple countries rather than having to stay in one country.

Special Envoy

A Special Envoy is like an Ambassador-At-Large, except it is a more generalized appointment rather than a formal one. Their appointment may also be shorter, between 90 and 180 days.

Honorary Consul

An honorary consul is a ceremonial appointment that an appointee can receive without leaving their hometown or country. The appointment barely comes with any special immunities or privileges, and it requires the foreign country to accept their application. Once the appointment is made, the honorary consul can assist the foreign country on an honorary basis from there or in their native country.

Career Consul

Career consuls work and live in foreign countries while receiving complete diplomatic immunity. Their job is to promote the best interests of their native country’s government and citizens in the foreign country where they work. The foreign country will have a designated consulate building for the consul to carry out these duties.

Request Professional Assistance for Honorary Diplomatic Appointments

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