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Learn About Comoros Forex Licenses

Comoros is a nation of islands off the East African coast. Not only is it a beautiful location to do business, but it is also a convenient location for finance and investment professionals to do business.

No income tax is the most significant financial incentive for doing business in Comoros. That is why many entrepreneurs and investors are starting and investing in new companies in Comoros. The economic conditions for doing so are too beneficial to pass up.

Learn More About Comoros Forex Licenses

Comoros forex licensesForex (Foreign Exchange Market) is one of Comoros’s most popular trading markets. Although many other national jurisdictions have strict regulations and laws regarding forex brokering, Comoros is among the few nations that do not have any. That is why several businesspeople and monetary service companies are expanding their businesses and applying for forex brokerage licenses in Comoros. The Comoros Islands have a Ministry of Finance and Budget responsible for regulating the country’s forex broker licensing. Any individual or organization wishing to obtain a forex broker license must apply to the ministry. If they approve the licensing application, it will allow them to provide forex brokerage services in the international forex marketplace. Comoros-based licensed forex brokers can perform investment transactions with local and international clients without paying income taxes. There are also low capital requirements for maintaining an active forex broker license, making it easy for entrepreneurs with little money to become forex brokers in Comoros.

How to Get Started With Comoros Forex Licenses

Comoros has one of the world’s simplest and fastest forex license registration processes. It is fair to say that most entrepreneurs and businesses applying for a Comoros forex broker license come from other countries. If you do not have a legal residence or citizenship in Comoros, you can still apply for a forex broker license as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Establish a firm and office in Comoros.
  • Create and submit a business plan with a detailed description of your business strategy.
  • Submit copies of the registration documents associated with your company (e.g., articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, etc.).
  • Establish a company code of rules and ethics that comply with the Comoros government’s regulations and laws. You must submit management documentation showing how your company will comply.
  • Submit proof that your company has met the minimum financial requirements
  • The company founders and managers must submit copies of their passports for identity verification.

The Comoros regulatory authority may take up to six months to decide whether to issue your company a forex broker license. Contact us today to learn more about Comoros forex licenses.

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