how to create a Fiduciary and Trustee Company in Sweden

How to Create a Fiduciary and Trustee Company in Sweden

Are you interested in creating a fiduciary and trustee company in Sweden? If so, you must submit the appropriate documentation to create and register a new “Regulated Trust Management Company” in the Swedish Companies Registration Office. This registration establishes the legal identity of the trust company, which serves as a trustee or fiduciary for another business or physical person.

A trust company in Sweden is formed as a Limited Partnership. It can hold various valuable assets, such as real estate properties, commodities, stocks, bonds, hedge funds, cash deposits, mutual funds, precious metals, and even cryptocurrencies. Forming a trust company makes it much easier to manage several different assets, especially in multiple worldwide jurisdictions.

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create a Fiduciary and Trustee Company in SwedenRegistering the trust company in the Swedish Companies Registration Office is the primary step in creating the company. However, you must also comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act. It is a critical piece of legislation requiring Swedish companies to establish Anti-Money Laundering (AFL) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFL) practices to ensure compliance with the law. Only then can the trust company be deemed a “Regulated Service Provider.” The Stockholm County Administrative Board oversees and ensures compliance with the AFL and CFL laws. Once the board verifies your company’s compliance, they will issue you a Certificate of Registration as proof of compliance verification and registration. Then, your company can apply for full membership in the European Union.

Your trust company needs at least one partner with limited liability to make investments on behalf of the company and at least one partner with unlimited liability to do the same. You can classify any legal entity as a partner in the trust company, whether a person or company. All you need are two legal entities from anywhere in the world.

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Fiduciary and Trustee Company in SwedenA Swedish asset management professional can help you with the application paperwork and submission requirements if you still have more questions about how to get started. They can also supply potential nominee partners for your trust company if you don’t have any legal entities to assign as partners. One of those partners could even be a General Power of Attorney. Contact us today to learn more. The average price for hiring a professional to set up a Swedish trust company is EUR 28,000. It takes about 2 to 4 weeks for the formation of the trust company to become finalized. Meanwhile, you can pay EUR 16,900 for access to the EBANQ online banking system to proceed with operations and reduce the risk of delays.

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