For sale is an asset management company headquartered in the heart of Switzerland, in what is widely considered a prestigious global financial center, Zurich. This sale comes complete with bank accounts at a top Swiss bank, an operations manual, template forms, and commercial agreements for a smooth transition.
At the date of sale, the entity will feature no clients, assets, or income. The entity is fully operational and ready for acquisition – requires an only change of shareholder details.
Upon payment of the purchase price, the shares will be transferred to the new owner(s) immediately. There is no regulatory approval required of new shareholders in Switzerland.

This company is best suited to corporate or private individual buyers who:

• Wish to engage in commercial activity as investment/asset managers, wealth managers and financial advisors, family offices, trust, and fiduciary companies, escrow providers, money remitters (payment service providers), and more;
• Currently hold foreign domicile or residence status;
• Wish to boost their credibility and public profile by acquiring a regulated firm situated in an internationally recognized prestigious financial center (Zurich, Switzerland); and/or
• Wish to partner with the best private & investment banks in Switzerland for their own and clients’ accounts (very difficult to do so without a Swiss-based financial services company).

Company Specifications:

Domicile: Zurich, Switzerland
Legal Structure: Privately held company (GmbH) with no subsidiaries
Incorporation Year: 2016
Share Capital: 20,000 (paid-up in full)
Regulatory Status: Official member of FINMA-approved Swiss SRO. See section Regulations below for more details.
Primary Industry: Financial Services & Asset Management
Banking Relationships: Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd – CHF, EUR, GBP, USD accounts
Market access (brokerage/margin accounts held): Interactive Brokers (UK), SwissQuote (UK & CH), Kraken (crypto, tier 4 verified), Global Prime (AU), Infinox (UK), Squared Financial (CY) plus more
Balance Sheet: Company sold as a shell – no assets included other than intangibles explicitly stated. Liabilities at the time of the transaction, if any, are deducted from the final sale price
Revenue: Company will be sold without assets, income, clients


Running costs included in the price for one year following the date of sale:

• 2021 SRO annual membership fee
• Hosting service
• Domain name and email addresses
• Registered address and virtual office with mail forwarding services
• Swiss phone number with mobile app
• Cards included: debit, Maestro, American Express corporate credit card
• Any change of directors/shareholders and signatories required to complete the transaction, along with commercial
register and notary fees.

Operational Support:

Additional items included within sale price:

• Company operations manual which includes written business procedures such as client onboarding process, etc
• Template forms and documents: client application form, investor profile, discretionary asset management agreement, etc.
• Professional corporate identity rebrand package ready for launch: new logo, brand patterns, color scheme, typography, business card design, letterhead, etc. Includes brand guideline handbook. Irrevocable intellectual property rights remain with the company.
• New website design ready for launch. Incoming owner needs only to provide their own copy material for upload. Minor design/layout adjustments included in price.


The company’s regulatory status is as follows:

• Membership at a Swiss SRO supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA); and
• Successfully notified FINMA to transition into the new financial regulations introduced from 01.01.2020 due to existing status.

Please note that all other new financial intermediaries in Switzerland will now need to apply directly with FINMA and complete this very comprehensive and time-consuming process instead.

Permitted Financial Activities:

Swiss Asset Management Companies registered before the end of 2020, may:

• Carry out credit transactions (in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing, or financial leasing);
• Provide services related to payment transactions, by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, or issue or manage means of payment such as credit cards and traveller’s cheques;
• Trade for their own account or, for the account of others in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives;
manages assets;
• Make investments as investment advisers;
• Hold securities on deposit or manage securities

Additionally, Financial Intermediaries under article 2 paragraph 3 of AMLA are also able when carrying on the business of Independent Asset Manager (article 2 paragraph 3 of AMLA letter 2) and, pursuant to the article 3 letter C of the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA) to provide information and the subscription of collective investment schemes to their clients, if they have with their clients a written discretionary management agreement without further authorization needed.
Swiss asset management companies are also permitted to engage in investments/financial activities relating to digital assets (i.e. cryptocurrencies), subject to proposed activities and additional regulatory approvals, where necessary. Please see the section Cryptocurrencies – Business Models below for further information.

Cryptocurrencies – Business Model

Note: the following information is applicable for companies regulated prior to 01.01.2020.

There are 3 regulatory categories relevant for crypto businesses: 1) FINMA-approved SRO members, 2) FinTech license holders, and 3) direct FINMA licensees.

A company’s size, business model, and marketing activities will determine which category applies. In most cases, provided the entity wishes to accept client assets into its own bank accounts and/or wallets (i.e. does not wish to keep client assets segregated) and communicates this activity publicly, it will likely require a banking license. If the company operates with smaller-sized client assets (up to CHF 100m), it may qualify for a FinTech license instead, which attracts lighter regulation. Companies that segregate client assets would be considered suitable for SRO membership, which imposes the least complicated requirements. It is recommended you seek legal advice and/or discuss options with the SRO.
Please see section contained within the following document, titled “A banking license may be required”: nblatt-virtuelle-waehrungen.pdf?la=en.

You may also find further details regarding Swiss regulation of digital assets here:

Cryptocurrencies – Taxation:

Switzerland generally does not impose any sales taxes (i.e. VAT) or capital gains taxes on cryptocurrency transactions. Such assets are considered similar to fiat currencies for tax purposes, which therefore attract wealth taxes, although these are typically low. Professional traders/dealers (i.e. on a commercial basis) in cryptocurrencies should however expect such activity to attract income taxes. Please seek professional advice from a qualified tax advisor.

Additional Services:

Services available at an additional cost:

• Designated compliance officer
• Nominee director (Swiss resident)
• Assistance with opening additional bank or brokerage accounts

The cost of additional services is dependent on the scope of involvement required. Please feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements.



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