For sale a unique Ukrainian Neo-bank, high risk global merchant processing gateway and acquirer, registered and regulated both in the Ukraine and the EU (through its European corresponding banking partners).

The Company is a multi-functioning IBAN issuing, money transferring (SEPA & SWIFT) and high risk acquiring gateway, licensed and operating in Ukraine and throughout the EU.

It is delivered fully operational with:
– Full integration with corresponding EU institution for issuing client IBAN accounts for SEPA and SWIFT transfers.
– Required Ukrainian resident director and the compliance officer. A Buyer can of course also add their own directors.
– Registered Office address.
– Fully operational website.
– All corporate administration including the financial and compliance auditors etc.
– Turn-key – fully integrated system with banks, IBAN via Centrolink, automated AML and KYC functions etc.
– Limitless money transfer globally and plastic & virtual card issuing.
– Currency FX operations in over 100 currencies
– Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be included at minimal cost.
– Fully automated banking platform with latest onboarding, AML and security functions. All regulatory approved.
– High Risk acquiring services for merchants globally, especially geared toward the gambling industry.
– Direct VISA, MC and alternative global acquiring services through its direct Ukrainian banking facility.

The Neo-bank comes passported to all 31 SEPA states and all European Union member states through its EU corresponding banking relationship. Accordingly, the Company can operate in all EU and SEPA member states, as well as throughout the former CIS states (huge Visa & MC geographical acquiring area).

The Company is directly licensed as a Financial Services business in the Ukraine and as an EU member state Central Bank Authorised institutional licensed partner. The company can accordingly issue IBAN’s for its clients, have full access to the EU market and transfer unlimited funds via the SEPA system and globally via SWIFT.

The Company offers its high risk merchants excellent terms and both East European and EU banking facilities. It has direct acquiring with a Ukrainian bank specialising in high risk and gambling revenue especially (both domestically and globally since the change in gambling law in Ukraine earlier this year.

There is no need for the EU €350,000 regulatory capital to be paid as the EU licensing is arranged direct from the EU corresponding banking partner. The required share capital in Ukraine has already been paid in and is included in the price.

We arrange the full licensing onboarding processes, regulatory and infrastructure integrations and the integration of the latest payment software system. The time frame to trading is approximately 5-6 weeks, depending on buyer’s jurisdiction and documentation readiness etc. Operational costs are approximately €8,000.00 per month, including full EU compliance department, back office and CRM personnel 24/7.

Asking price is €495,000.00 with seller financing available. The seller can advise on acquiring and card processing business recouping acquisition funds in a short period of time.

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